News Feed SyMetric Joins SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL). State of the Art SyMetric C6 - EDC which is integrated, easy to set up.

SyMetric C6 Platform

Cloud based web solution for clinical end point studies
of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals
and medical devices.

SyMetric BIO Platform

Cloud based web solution for BA/BE studies, which
is exclusive tailor made to address unique
requirements of this type of studies.

SyMetric Advantage

With robust frameworks and flexible working methods, we help our Clients set new standards of excellence, adopt best industry practices and shrink timelines, while providing cost effective solutions. We use the best technologies and innovative designs to provide an exhilarating User Experience.

10-15% Reduction in
Overall Study Timelines

20% Faster Study
Closure & Submissions

20-25% Efficiency Gains
in Project Efforts

Quick Setup

Our product can handle a wide range of business scenarios without the need for extensive custom developments, Simply by configuring the product we can quickly set up simplest to complex processes.

User Friendliness

Our screens are very simple and highly user friendly. Users can easily navigate through highly intuitive process flows based on business rules. User training requirements are negligible or minimal, while using our systems.

Compliant to Industry Standards

Right from the design stage, we have taken absolute measures to ensure our solution is fully compliant to 21CFR Part 11 guidelines and ICH-GCP principles.

Well defined SOPs & Quality Policy

All our internal/external SOPs are well documented and form integral part of our quality policy. We conduct regular internal audits to ensure we live these processes.

Context sensitive Help Documentation

Using our system, users need not sift through a huge bulky help document. Our unique context sensitive help documents guides users to access only the relevant and most appropriate help documents.

Built in Ticketing System

Our solutions have an inbuilt ticketing system with workflow and approval mechanism to handle all support requests in any given design. At the end of the study, we provide a record of all these support requests for future reference.

User accountability through audit trails

Role based authorizations allows users to carry out transactions as decided by the Project Managers. With detailed audit trails across the platform, we can easily validate the accountability to each and every transaction.

Configurable Messages

Each one of our customer’s working methods and conventions are unique. Also the requirements of every trial are distinct. Hence we support customer specific configurable messages in the drop down boxes.

Completely Integrated on Single Database

Built on a single platform, all our products and modules are fully integrated and interwoven with each other. There is no need for additional data quality assurance teams to manage interfaces.

One-Stop- Shop

Our platform and solutions are conceptualized, designed, developed, tested, deployed, configured/set up for each project and technically supported by our own employees. This tremendously increases the ownership and accountability of our employees towards our customers and users.

Real time data in Reports/Dashboards

Due to the integrated nature of our products and modules, all our reports and dashboards instantaneously capture the real time information without any time lag. This helps project management teams to effectively monitor the progress of the trial. Our standard reports, practically cover every aspect of the study.

Transparent and Simple Pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive and very simple to understand. There are no incomprehensible and long list of line items in our pricing structure. Like a fully loaded car, our product comes with a rich features that have become a de-facto requirements in any application. Hence we do not charge extra for services like data transfers & downloads, simple ad-hoc reports, minor feature enhancements etc.

Research & Development

At SyMetric we relentlessly strive to build world class solutions that meet constantly evolving industry requirements. We constantly monitor the industry trends in clinical research space. We pay specific attention to technologies that enhance user experience and allow for seamless system processes cutting across various solutions used for clinical trials. We thrive on research and innovation, on a continuous basis. We listen to our customers and adopt specific business processes into our solutions,

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