We are a software solution company, specialized in design, development, set-up/ configuration and support of Integrated IT solutions for all types of Clinical Trials. All our solutions are completely integrated and built on a single database, thus completely eliminating the need for resources to monitor the interfaces and data quality issues. Our Integrated platform helps faster submissions and reduce the study timelines. By using our platform, Customers can reduce the total number of Vendors they have to engage with for multiple solutions. Our solutions and services have been successfully audited by some of the large Pharmaceutical Companies, having found no non-conformities or major observations.


Clinical Trial is a very complex activity performed by highly knowledgeable professionals. Hence the supporting software solutions should be robust – yet simple enough to use. Our products suite consists of CTMS, EDC and IRT/IWRS solutions. These are not built as individual products, but are developed on a single database, as a single integrated product. Customers can choose any module or a process from these host of capabilities. We offer the entire suite as in Integrated IT Platform under our brand name SyMetric C6 for Clinical Endpoint Studies, and SyMetric BIO for BA/BE Studies.

SyMetric C6 Platform

SyMetric C6 is our flagship IT Platform for carrying out clinical end point studies for pharmaceutical products, medical devise studies, Nutraceuticals/Cosmeceutical Studies. The platform combines the whole range of functionalities from Project Management (CTMS), Data Management (EDC) and Site, Patients & Drug Management (IRT/IWRS) in one single database, thus eliminating the need for interfaces and improving the data quality.

SyMetric BIO Platform

SyMetric BIO is an exclusive IT Platform for managing multi-period, open-label, cross-over Bio-Availability and Bio-Equivalence (BA/BE) studies with explicit functionalities like volunteers registration, check-in, check-out, wash-out period monitoring etc. This platform offers full-range of project management, data management and sites/patients management and drug management functionalities through the underlying CTMS, VMS, EDC, SMS, LMS modules.

Collaboration Model

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Seamless coordination between customer and partner eco-system.

A Clinical Trial is conducted by numerous organizations which employ multiple highly skilled individuals to perform unique and complex roles; and for a Trial to be successful, the actions of these Individuals must be synchronized and documented. 

By providing our customers a virtual work environment that is informative, user-friendly and intuitive, we streamline communication between the various stake holders involved in a Trial and give them the tools necessary for effective decision making. 

Our State-of-the-Art Collaboration Model ensures that all the customer environments are integrated and are constantly working towards significantly reducing the time and effort required to conduct a trial.

Quality Commitment

Right from design stage, our products are developed keeping in view the principles of 21CFR Part 11 and ICH-GCP Principles. Every aspect of our business operations is well documented in our SOP framework. Our quality commitment for data as well as business operations is ensured on a regular basis with quarterly internal audits and annual review. Successful clearance of many external customer audits in flying colours is a testimony to our quality commitment.

Security Commitment

The infrastructure is completely secured with multilevel firewalls, virus protection systems and our inbuilt encryption mechanism. Two level authentication process helps user carrying out critical transactions increasing the accountability. The data on our production servers is continuously replicated into geo-redundant servers. Your data is well protected and the systems are available round the clock.