SyMetric’s Interactive Web Response System (IRT/IWRS) Module was implemented for one of the global studies sponsored by a U.S. pharmaceutical company. The study was a multi-centric, placebo-controlled, randomized parallel-group study to compare the therapeutic equivalence of medication in subjects with respect to Gastroenterology. It was conducted in seven different countries with three different C.R.O.s located in the Americas and India; one at each site individually looking into the database restricted to their location.

Our IRT/IWRS System provided a centralized platform for the Sponsor to monitor the recruitment rates and maintain complete accountability of IP Stocks at Sites for a sample of more than 500, spread across 50+ Sites, 2 Warehouses – Central and local warehouses in 2 different continents, multiple C.R.O.s, and the Sponsor.

Key Challenges Addressed by Our Platform: 

✓ Provided a centralized platform for the Sponsor to monitor the Recruitment Rates and IP Stocks at Sites spread across 7 countries.

✓ Managed Data boundaries between 3 CROs who were monitoring the individual regions and the respective Sites within that region.

✓ Unified platform for sharing relevant Study Information between 30 Sites, 2 Independent Warehouses, 3 Independent CROs, and the Sponsor.