Case Study 3

SyMetric’s Integrated Clinical Trial Platform with Interactive Web Response System (IRT/IWRS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and Medical Coding on a single database provided an end-to-end solution for one of the global studies. The study was a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled of different doses of medication in Subjects with a neurological condition. This long-term study was conducted in 3 different locations (the US, Europe, and India) with one CRO and about 100 sites.  

Our Unified System provided a centralized platform for the complete study data management for a sample size of more than 800. Stratified Biomarker Analysis based on the group was also implemented by SyMetric CTP for this study.   


  • Releasing the Protocol Amendments to individual Sites in a targeted manner based on their respective IRB Approvals, ensuring system availability to the other Sites with absolutely no downtime. 
  • Ability to run multiple Study Versions simultaneously on the same Study.