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With Innovation

At SyMetric, we help you make the shift from traditional trial models to agile, patient-centric processes driven by our unified Clinical Trial Platform. With us, you can use the power of technology to automate and simplify project management in clinical trials and improve your productivity. We offer modularized solutions for Pharma Companies, Contract Research Organizations, and Academia.
You can integrate your processes with our user-friendly applications or choose from comprehensive modules for every stage of your trial. And all this comes to you, complete with Study Configurations, in a matter of three to four weeks. So take a big leap with SyMetric!

Our vision...

To accelerate the impact of clinical research on healthcare outcomes through digital interventions

We are committed to building technology solutions that stimulate research for the advancement of Patient-Centric medical science. At the core of our vision lies our efforts to make clinical research less resource-intensive and more affordable.


And we are on a mission!

To transform the drug development landscape

The SyMetric team works persistently towards this mission by helping systems adopt innovative digital technologies that improve productivity, lower costs, and assure safety.

A Stellar Journey Led by…

Uma Janapareddy
Uma Janapareddy
Founder and Managing Director

An entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in establishing and managing multiple business entities in various fields such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Social Enterprise, Uma started SyMetric in 2012. She plays a seminal role in all functions — from strategic decision-making to business operations. Under her leadership, SyMetric has expanded to US, Europe, and Latin America besides forging strong partnerships with Pharma Companies, CROs, and Technology Companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Tenthpin Management Consultants, and MINT Medical. She has been at the helm of Ladies Circle India (LCI) and is a member of several reputed organizations — Anthroposophical Medical Society of India, HIMSS India Chapter, 5HT Germany, NASSCOM, and SAP Industry Consortium for Life sciences.

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Raghuram Janapareddy
Raghuram Janapareddy
Technical Advisor

A seasoned professional with over 34 years of experience in information technology and multiple industry domains, Raghuram is currently the Managing Director, India of Tenthpin Management Consultants. As part of Tenthpin’s global initiative, he is leading the efforts towards establishing a Life Sciences Innovation Centre in India. Enrolled in the Roster of Experts of WHO Digital Health Technical Advisory Group (DHTAG), he works very closely with the healthcare ecosystem in India. He has worked at SAP for nearly 17 years in multiple
areas — Supply Chain-, Project-, Global Delivery-, Strategic Vendor-, Practice-, Product-, and Process Management. His guidance is integral to designing products, processes, and delivery models for enterprises in the Life Sciences and healthcare sector.

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Ramesh Kumar T
Ramesh Kumar T
Business Strategist and Mentor

A strategist known for digital dexterity and business acumen, Ramesh fits squarely into SyMetric’s vision. His entrepreneurial experience in the Software Industry extends to over 35 years. He has also made significant contribution to a large-scale Technology company. Business mentorship comes naturally to him, given his background as an entrepreneur, and he helps associates achieve success and growth.

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Rahul Jayarama Reddy
Rahul Jayarama Reddy
Partner and Product Owner

A highly experienced software developer and project manager, his role in SyMetric is as diverse as his areas of expertise. He has 8+ years of experience in full-stack development of enterprise-level Cloud applications and has spent 6+ years in areas of Project Management and End-User Support. With sound knowledge of Data Management Practices, Designing, Business Process, and Process Validations in Clinical Trials, he is at the heart of SyMetric’s software architecture.

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Sai Siddharth
Sai Siddharth

A leading policy strategist in the fields of energy, environment, and climate change, Sai brings to the table innovative perspectives. He is a Senior Policy Associate at J-PAL South Asia and has worked on the Cash Transfers for Child Health Initiative.

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Pranav Aditya
Pranav Aditya

Pranav brings to SyMetric his deep expertise in user interface. He ensures technical feasibility of designs for superior product development and is responsible for UI across product suites.

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Umesha Nayak
Umesha Nayak
Consultant, Quality and Information Security Compliance

A Lead Auditor for many standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 22301) and Registered Coordinator for COPC, Umesha has extensive experience spanning almost four decades in a range of areas — software development, information system audits, quality-, risk-, product-, and product management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. A founding member of Information Systems Auditing in India’s banking sector, he has held important positions across institutions and guided 100+ organizations through successful ISO/CMMI certifications and process improvements in India and abroad. He is also a
well-known author.

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Our Growth Story​

  • 2022

    Integration with Healthcare Data Lake powered by SAP CP

    Integration with SAP Clinical Trial Supplies Management

    Integration with MINT, a Radio Imaging Company

  • 2021

    Launched virtual clinical trials module

    Partnered with Tenthpin Management Consultants

    Developed monitoring capabilities (pharmacovigilance)

  • 2020

    Partnered with SAP PE

    Enabled Trial Analytics on SAP BTP

    Launched Public Health Platform for Plasma Donations for COVID patients/Donors in collaboration with Govt. of Karnataka and HCG Hospitals

  • 2019

    Partnered with SAP COIL

  • 2018

    Conducted multi-country studies in Europe and Americas

  • 2017

    Became a member of SAP Startup Studio

    Launched SyMetric C6 — an Integrated Clinical Trial Platform

  • 2016

    Introduced exclusive tools for BA/BE studies

    Launched EDC

  • 2015

    First successful FDA submission using data from our solution

  • 2014

    Acquired our first customer

  • 2013

    Launched flagship products IRT/CTM

  • 2012

    Founded in Bangalore, India