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Frequently Asked Questions

All our Products are Web-Based applications and are compatible with almost all the latest versions of web browsers that support JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Organizations that depend on old versions of Internet Explorer may want to consider a dual-browser strategy and all browsers must have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

SyMetric products can be integrated with third-party systems. We provide access to REST APIs that enable integration with other systems.

Our products are designed and developed internally and validated in accordance with industry standards — validation guidelines and regulations (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11, ICH-GCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001).

We provide round-the-clock technical support via our Built-in Ticketing system and additionally through phone and email. 

There is no such limit and you can manage any number of Studies, Sites, and Users on our platform. The SyMetric Clinical Trial Platform is designed and built for the Cloud era. It is robust and scalable to meet the most complex Clinical Trial needs.

Yes. You can use SyMetric Clinical Trial Platform for any study. We offer flexible pricing models for Academia and Educational Institutions to make our solutions more affordable.

Yes. Our platform handles Study Amendments by maintaining various versions of the Study build and configuration parameters. With simple workflows, you can implement the Study amendments with ease and control the roll-out of the amendments, either centrally across the Study or individually for each Site.

We have detailed documented procedures to achieve consistency and uniformity in performance and execution of specific functions. All our processes are well-documented and enforced across all verticals of our organization and that of our Vendors and Partners to ensure that highest standards are met.

SyMetric made a conscious decision not to include the IVR feature in SyMetric Clinical Trial Platform. With more and more users going online with improved connectivity (due to fail-proof 24/7 internet connectivity and increased bandwidth offerings), IVR is less frequently used by customers. At the same time, Customers pay extra hidden costs for this IVR feature irrespective of the extent of usage.

However, we recognize the need to support in case the IWRS system is not available due to connectivity issues at the site. Hence, we offer the following options to our Customers in place of the IVR feature.

Solution 1: CROs are very closely connected with the sites and they have 24/7 operation by virtue of the nature of their business and they are accessible to the sites. We wanted to capitalize on this aspect by providing separate access to a pre-identified CRO Project Manager or Site Agent with an option to carry out critical transactions on behalf of Site Users. These users will have additional login facilities besides their normal login so that one can assign accountability to all these transactions. Normally, 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines do not recommend the IWRS vendor to carry out the transactions.

Solution 2: In case the above system is unavailable, we can provide the contact details of the Unblinded user (identified at the beginning of the study). Site users can call these numbers and seek requisite help for critical transaction support such as Randomization and Unblinding, given that it is pre-agreed. SyMetric users will log in to the system and carry out the transaction on behalf of the site users. However, all such requests should have the written consent of Site Users as well as the Sponsor Project Manager to carry out the transactions.

All our solutions are designed to be delivered in a SaaS Model. SyMetric Clinical Trial Platform is primarily hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. We also support hosting our solution on the SAP Business Technology Platform. In case you have any specific needs for hosting, you could always get in touch with us. 

Our user interface is rather simple and easy to use. All our products come with online Help content, and we also provide User Manuals. If more help or training is required, we deploy a team of support professionals at your locations at an additional cost.

All our servers automatically back up and we have implemented Geo-Redundant Disaster Recovery systems that allow us to restore in case of any disasters.

Yes. We have a dedicated team of trained technical support professionals working round the clock to provide technical assistance. 

Yes. Our solutions can handle the complete supply chain process for Clinical Supplies Management between the Depot and Sites to provide full drug accountability and traceability.

Yes. On our Platform, you can track all activities performed on Subjects and Trial Participants and analyze the history of each Subject using Individual Patient Summary Reports.