DCT Solutions by SyMetric

Decentralized clinical trials (DCT) have become a strategic priority to many life-science organizations. It offers a patient-centric approach, addressing various patient needs that often go unmet in traditional designs.

At SyMetric, our focus has been on providing an integrated decentralized trial solution to address patients participation and provide data for clinical trials, track the investigational product (IP) supplied to the patient, track and manage the patients’ visits, and how the trial data is maintained and monitored post-capture. We believe in having a comprehensive, interoperable, unified solution to manage a clinical trial process.

Many clinical research sites maintain source documents and essential site master files (SMF) either on paper or on difficult-to-access digital storage tools. This process hinders the workflow of CRAs who are now prevented from visiting the clinical sites and forced to work remotely due to the pandemic. Owing to the stringent industry regulations that restrict the sharing of source documents and clinical trial regulatory files, utilization of unsecured cloud-based folders, fax, email, or other methods can add significant compliance risks. SyMetric Integrated Clinical Trial Platform provides a well-designed and secured Remote Source Data Verification (rSDV) application that supports the immediate need for clinical sites and CRAs to continue working together as onsite visits have mostly become remote. It enables you to configure a role-based access mechanism to grant authorizations to the individual users based on the role assigned in the study.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Trial decentralization can be viewed as a spectrum, with most DCTs combining in-person and remote activities to make clinical trial participation easier for patients. SyMetric Clinical Trial Platform lets the investigative clinical sites easily upload scanned source documents into the subject/study folders. The platform also provides configurable study reports and real-time dashboards in order to track activities, check statuses and manage workflows remotely.  

Incorporating Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions benefit sponsors by accelerating clinical development, enabling more illustrative patient access, and forming a stronger evidence case than traditional trials to accomplish the results.

Let’s build your path to decentralization, together.