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Clinical Trial sponsors are continually seeking to make clinical trials faster to improve the experience for patients and physicians. This has led to evolving clinical trial infrastructure over the years. Trials that used to have a site focus are now shifting to a patient focus. Decentralized Trial has emerged as a vital tool in this pursuit. It involves bringing an increasing proportion of a trial’s activities to the patients rather than the traditional paradigm of bringing patients to a trial site. This move requires building a new set of tools to enable the transition.  

The Role of Technology 

Talking about the evolution of clinical trials with precision medicine, Real World Data (RWD), and Decentralized Trials, technology will be the game changer that brings the much-needed data from multiple sources.   

Clinical research is adapting to technologies that operate with one touch of a button. Applications like ePRO are used to quickly and accurately capture patient data using apps, wearables, EMR/EHR systems, and sensors, generating more data about the patient and skipping many manual and middle steps. With RWD, research companies can quickly identify patients and improve protocols. RWD may also enable companies to acquire more patients from the rural areas of countries that are not near the large academic/research centers (which have been majorly used in the past). This will bring more diversity to the recruitment process. 

While figuring out the right use cases, bringing together the right data set will be paramount. Data interoperability will be the game-changer enabling future innovation. The solution is to bring clinical trial management into the modern age of ‘Cloud Solutions’. Cloud computing helps in the centralized management of data and applications on virtual or Internet-based servers, giving easy and remote accessibility of trial data, and supporting the evolution of decentralized trials. 

SyMetric offers a cloud-based clinical trial solution that can integrate all the data collected across multiple systems onto a single database, creating the correct data set to centrally visualize trials, and provide analytics-driven data leading to predictive and preventive medicine and better patient outcomes.  

The success of decentralized trials depends on the robust database and adherence to data safety guidelines. SyMetric CTP is a robust modular platform with 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ICH-GCP, HIPAA, and GDPR Compliant, consisting of an Interactive Web Response System (IRT/IWRS), Clinical Trial Management (CTM), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and Medical Coding on a single database, providing interoperability and seamless flow of data across modules. The secured platform supports a faster study setup and can adapt to mid-study changes in near real-time.  

SyMetric Clinical Trial Platform is an ideal partner in the Digital Transformation of Life Science research!   

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