Youth Day

Youth is the backbone of any nation. They are the pillars of strengths that contribute to a country’s growth. National Youth Day in India is celebrated on the 12th of January every year to honor the most extraordinary leader, Swami Vivekananda. The celebration of this Day is to impart knowledge about the liberties of Indian citizens. It is a day dedicated to spreading awareness about the most significant asset – the Youth and how they can contribute to the country’s development. National Youth Day is also commonly called Yuva Diwas. 

The revolutionary ideas put forth by Swami Vivekananda are still recited by youngsters that encourage them to walk in his footsteps. He was one of the greatest social activists, thinkers, and philosophers of the nineteenth century. He was, without a doubt, a tremendous source of inspiration for all. He focused on channeling the energy of youth for the betterment of the country. He wanted them to recognize their potential and voice their ideas. With having hopes of a developed India, Swami Vivekananda aspired to lead the vision of youth and transform them into reality. Various events are held at schools, universities, and other institutions across the country on this day in his honor. 

How Can We Contribute to the Development of Youth to its Full Potential?  

More than 22% of India’s population, which is more than 261 million and about 1.8 billion in the world are young people. The future of a Society or a Nation depends on the Youth and the way they are groomed to be Citizens of the world. The need of the hour is to effectively engage and employ this potential in Nation Building through skill development, Vocational Training, and participation in Agriculture and Rural Development. More Importantly how the young minds can be tapped into for creative abilities, forward-thinking, and Innovation. 

Provide Ownership to the Youth. 

Involve the youth in planning processes. The impact of ownership in shaping the future brings out the best in any person. If the youth are involved in planning future events and policies, they are more likely of executing the plan to the best of their abilities. 

Provide Professional Development. 

Most youngsters identify good opportunities for growth and development as one of their top professional priorities. Assigning stretch projects, bringing in motivational speakers, or sending them to leadership conferences will be helpful in learning and developing their skills. 

Promoting Entrepreneurial Skills. 

Developing entrepreneurial skills in young people can be a multi-faceted and sophisticated response to the problem of youth unemployment and the urge for creativity. It is about enabling young people to take business techniques to create a social purpose enterprise in a financially sustainable way.