SyMetric is delighted to Congratulate SAP and Tenthpin on the announcement of the release of their Co-innovation on Batch Release Hub (BRH). The suite of BRH and Intelligent Clinical Supplies Management  (ICSM, Launched by SAP in April 2022) is going to be a game changer for the industry.

We have been working with SAP and Tenthpin in integrating our Clinical Trials Platform (consisting of IRT/IWRS, EDC, and Medical Coding), with SAP’s Life sciences ecosystems on BTP. In the context of the BRH and ICSM, we would like to capture the following benefits from the BRH in collaboration with ICSM, and how our Clinical Trials Platform is going to play a pivotal role.

  • Inventory Optimization – The IP supplies are released on time for clinical trials.
  • Increase in recruitment efficiency – Subjects no longer have to be sent back due to lack of supplies.
  • Effective audit trails – Complete and easy traceability of the kits released for IP dispensing.
  • Reduction in Sponsor resources effort – Fewer resources are needed to release the Clinical Supplies batches

Learn more on Batch Release Hub (BRH) HERE