Research sites use the technology of Interactive Web Response Systems (IRT/IWRS) to enroll patients into clinical trials, randomize patients, manage study drug supplies, and more. While the technology may sound direct, it is a critical part of every clinical trial. When looking for a new system, it is important to find one that has the functionality you need to keep your data organized, be less resource-intensive, save time, and save on drug supply costs. 

What are the Benefits of IWRS? 

Randomization: Real-time input from a centralized database enables a researcher to dynamically allocate treatment arms to subject groups for better statistical analysis. 

Drug Assignment: IWRS helps to track where and when to allocate expensive trial drugs, saving valuable resources. 

Study Blinding: IWRS helps to improve the blinding process in a clinical trial by allocating treatment groups in an unbiased and controlled manner. 

Real-time Reporting: Automated system reports help in providing real-time information that can be made available to the study administrator anytime.  

Integration with other systems: The IWRS and the initial study preparations and documentation can easily fit into the similar processes of organizations running clinical trials. 

Low Cost: Provided as a hosted web service there is no capital investment required. 

SyMetric offers reliable, accurate, user-friendly, and affordable Clinical Trial Solutions that can help you plan, monitor, and manage clinical trials effectively, every step of the way. 

How will Your IWRS be configured? 

In the past, it took several months for an IRT (Interactive Response Technology) system to be configured. Customers would write an extensive list of system specifications, which needed to be coded and then tested, consuming a lot of time.  

IWRS gives configurable systems. Many trials can now be set up in a short period by selecting information about a clinical trial like the treatment arms, dosing, visit schedule, etc. A configurable system allows you to set up your IRT/IWRS for a new trial simply by adjusting those factors for each trial. 

SyMetric’s IRT/IWRS can be configured for ever more complex trials with multiple treatment arms or titration trials in a short period. The system can be tailored to suit various research study patterns — Adaptive, Umbrella, and Basket Studies.  

Integration of Your IRT with Other Systems 

Integration is one of the most key features to look for when choosing an IRT today. Earlier, IRT systems and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems were separate. Prior to integration between an IRT and EDC, data from the IRT had to be manually uploaded to the EDC to analyze data at the end of a trial.  

With SyMetric, you don’t need to worry about adapting to multiple systems to manage your trial data. Our Clinical Trial Platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing system or help you build a new one. SyMetric’s Cloud-based, Integrated platform offers IRT/WRS, EDC, Medical Coding, and CTMS functionality in a single database, so there is no need for duplicate data entry or data reconciliation and make operations more flexible, efficient, and adapt to evolving needs of the study.