Mental Health

Mental health is a Global Health issue with billions of people suffering silently under the fear of social isolation, social stigma, discrimination, and human rights abuse are further accelerating the situation of mental health disorders.

Every year, the 10th of October is observed as World Mental Health Day to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world. This year, World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH),  announced that the focus will be on Mental Health in an Unequal World.

The global pandemic, climate crisis, and social upheavals throughout the world have highlighted the systemic inequalities affecting millions of people disproportionately. Along with socioeconomic inequities across gender identity, race, and sexual orientation, access to mental health also remains unequal.

WFMH says between 75% and 95% of people with mental health issues in poor and developing communities do not have access to mental health services and it needs a significant societal change to address these concerns.

Making everyone in the world more aware of the issues faced by people struggling with mental health issues is a great way to offer the beginning of a solution to this problem. The more people know, the more they can do to help with the prevention

SyMetric is taking this opportunity to highlight the changes needed to address mental health and talk about ways anyone can help.

How to Participate in World Mental Health Day?

Being informed and staying connected with others are important for maintaining a healthy life in every way.

Of course, not every mental illness is preventable, but some of them can be better managed, or even prevented, with the right kind of attention, care, and support. Together with friends, family, and society, people are more likely to be healthy when they invest a bit of their time and effort into maintaining mental health.

Consider these ways to maintain good mental health:

  • Start Talking About How You Feel. Although there is a time and a place for this, talking to someone can help to process through feelings and thoughts so that they can be managed a little at a time, which can help and avoid overwhelming feelings. Take the help of a trusted friend, a mental health professional, or a counselor who can be a good listener.
  • Stay Active and Stay Fit. A healthy body indeed yields a healthy mind. Being active with sports, exercise and other activities can help to promote healthy sleep patterns, self-esteem, better concentration, and simply improve overall health.
  • Stay Connected. People living in a community are at less risk of isolation and slipping into poor mental health. Keeping the lines of communication open with family and friends can help to strengthen bonds and provide protection against mental health struggles. Having them around will help you stay connected to someone who can provide support.

World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity every year to bring together a common voice for people in distress and dealing with mental health issues around the world. We want to add our voice to this call for people with psychosocial disabilities, and people living with the stresses of injustice and inequity that have such a negative effect on their mental wellbeing.